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Before you contact us...

Please take a moment to see if the answer to your enquiry is on this page. We receive hundreds of emails per week. Our team of volunteers works tirelessly trying to get back to each person. You and the dog you are helping are very important to us. We want to make sure you are able to get the help you need quickly. Time is very important for many cases. However it may take us up to 72 hours to get to your email. We have compiled a few of our most common requests below. Please read through to see if one of the responses we have listed will answer your question or help you with your needs. 







 What do I do if I find a stray dog?

COHPBR Receives many calls and emails everyday from good samaritans in the community. If you find a stray dog, if the dog is friendly you can take the dog to a local veterinarian to be scanned for a microchip which may lead you to the dogs owner. Never assume a dog is without a owner. Legally you have two options, 1. if you hold onto the dog you must wait 30 days prior to rehoming the dog in order to give the previous owners a chance to find the dog. Please call your local animal control agency. Make sure to report the dog as found and check to see if anyone has reported the dog missing. Please remember to call other local shelters because the dog may be from a neighboring city. If you are unable to hold onto the dog please ask animal control to pick the dog up. It is the safest and most humane option. Loose dogs can get attacked by other animals, hit by a car, or picked up by an abuser. 

I know of a dog that is being abused...

If you are sure the dog is being neglected please call animal control to file a report. COHPBR is not legally able to take the dog off of any private property without permission from the owner. If animal control does not respond please call them until they do. Taking photos for evidence is always helpful and sometimes emailing them to the animal control agency in your area will make a huge difference in the response time. Depending on the situation you might be able to assist the owner. Some people may not have had a dog prior to the one they have now. Sometimes if the person who owns the dog is friendly you might want to attempt offering help. Example: Hi, I just got back from "church" they were giving away free pet supplies I grabbed a extra bag of dog food would you like to take a bag? This way you do not seem like you are judging them. 

Example: Hi, I just noticed our dog is on a tie out, I was recently fined by animal control. I can help you make a trolly for your dog if you need help let me know. Sometimes people just need a simple push in the right direction. 

If your dealing with something unique and need some ideas on how you can help feel free to email us. 

Shelter dogs that need rescue 

COHPBR works hard to help implement shelter programs that help boost Pit Bull adoptions directly from the actual shelter. We have a small but great group of fosters that work tirelessly to prepare their adoptables for a forever home. When one of our COHPBR dogs is adopted our fosters are ready for a new challenge. However we only pull dogs when we have a solid and trained foster available. 

We focus on helping shelters learn how to spotlight their pitties to potential adopters. We aim to help shelters build a successful adoption program for Pit Bulls. We are also working on a owner outreach program that helps keep Pit Bulls from entering into the shelter. 

Please contact us if you are a shelter director that is willing to try out our program for shelter Pit Bulls. 

My landlord is making me give up my dog...

Your landlord is probably making you give your dog up because they are afraid your dog is a liability. You may not have to give your dog up to make your landlord happy. 

Einhorn Insurance offers Liability Coverage for your dog. We recommend contacting Dori or Eric at Einhorn Insurance to discuss your options for coverage. Most landlord's feel 100 times better knowing the dog is not a liability. 

My dog is exhibiting behavioral issues... 

Alway rule out health issues first. Please take your dog to your veterinarian to be checked for any illness that could be causing your dog to act out due to discomfort. Behavioral issues can arise when dogs mature between the ages of 2 and 3 years of age.  This is common with all breeds. Most times the dog is simply challenging it's position in the pack. A balanced, well-behaved dog needs leadership, structure, love, and consistent training. Just like a child, dogs depend on us to continually guide them.  

If you would like to schedule a training session, please email us. A donation will be required for our assistance and time.
*Unaltered dogs tend to have a much bigger attitude. Altering and training your dog may help curb unwanted behaviors.

I no longer have time for my dog...

Many families get busy with their lives, a new baby, job, school schedule, losing a loved one. Busy schedules usually slow down again in the future and are not permanent. In most cases, families will get another pet when their life does slow down. This cycle needs to be broken. Shelters are busting at the seams and euthanasia rates are sky-rocketing because people are dumping their pets as soon as life gets tough.
Do NOT give up! You can live a happy, busy life and still keep Fido happy by implementing a creative enrichment program into your dog’s life.
For ideas on how to keep your dog happy while you lead a busy lifestyle please email us!

I am moving and I can not find a Pit Bull friendly living situation... 

We agree moving with a Pit Bull can be difficult but it is not impossible. Owning a Pit Bull is not easy sometimes. Do not give up. Make your dog a resume. Make sure to include your dogs accomplishments such as obedience training, tricks your dog may know, photos of your dog dressed up, include a short but detailed bio. Make sure to provide professional references such as a trainer dog walker and or veterinarian, vaccination records, spay and neuter certificate, vet records, If you have pet insurance and information about pet liability insurance that you are willing to purchase. This always helps!!!

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Please give 72 hours for a response. Our volunteers are working hard to respond quickly to your request. Please note that we are almost always full and we do have a waiting list. We will do our best t

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