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Whether you become a monthly donor or decide to make a one time donation your support is greatly appreciated. COHPBR is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization that depends on public donations to opporate. Our Tax ID# is 27-1494293 our Courtesy Clerk, Karen keeps track of donations, at the end of each year she send out a receipt that shows your total contributions this is for you to use when you file your taxes. 

If you need a reciept sooner please email 

The smallest donations help save lives and we thank you for your contribution! 

Help Save Lives,Become a Monthly Donor Today 

Make A One Time Donation

To Donate directly towards our Veterinary Account Please Call 919-841-4211 and let them know you would like to make a donation towards

Change of Heart Pit Bull Rescues Account 

To mail a check please email us for our mailing address 

Thank You for your support 

We can not make a difference alone, it takes a village and we appreciate you being a part of that village. 


                           -Founder Sarah Kosinski Cope

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